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Promoting sustainable tourism in the Bay Islands

Our philosophy

Roatan Sea Kayak Eco Tours

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Our goal is to unite communities with conservation for more sustainable travel. Through education about Roatan's natural ecosystems and cultural heritage, we build environmental and cultural awareness and respect. We promise memorable experiences!

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What we offer

Roatan Sea Kayak Tours offers off the beaten path sea kayak and eco tours in Roatan, Honduras. Experience Roatan’s natural beauty from the coastline. Discover a whole new ecosystem of species within the mangrove forests that protect Roatan’s coast. All our tour guides are certified and local and knowledgeable about Roatan's biodiversity, culture and history. Our tour guides also hold special certifications in sustainable tourism practices. With over 15 years of experience working as a tour guide with international clients from all over the world, our lead tour guide Jorge Avila, offers sea kayak adventures, birdwatching, snorkeling & diving, island/East End tours and boat trips to Pigeon Cay. We are committed to building environmental and cultural awareness and respect through sharing knowledge with our clients about Roatan’s biodiversity and culture heritage. Discover some of the over 120 species of birds that live and migrate to Roatan, and over 300+ marine species. Our sea kayak expeditions are offered as half-day, full-day or even multi-day camping trips to explore the remote and pristine beauty of Port Royal National Park and Santa Elena.

Why Roatan, Honduras?

Roatán is the largest and most developed of the Bay Islands. Located in the Meso American reef it is the largest barrier reef system in the Caribbean Sea. Long and thin (50km long, but only 2km to 4km wide), the island is (like neighboring Utila) a diving and snorkeling paradise – virtually its entire coastline is fringed by an astonishingly diverse coral reef teeming with tropical fish. On land, exquisite white-sand beaches, a mountainous interior of pine-forested hills and the remote wild east of the island (once a pirate hangout) beg to be explored. Roatan is a very ethnically diverse island and the island culture ranges from Garifuna indigenous people to pirate villages.

What are "Eco Tours"?

Our eco tours aim to raise environmental and cultural awareness of Roatan with visitors. We incorporate knowledge about the natural ecosystems of Roatan, it's people, and it's culture, and history. We pride ourselves in being a company that works only with local partners and tour guides. Above all we aim to make it a memorable, fun experience for our clients! We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to safety. We conduct our tours with the mentality of "leaving no trace" so that future visitors can enjoy the same untouched beauty of Roatan. Our tours always include a briefing where we provide our client(s) with information about Roatan's marine protected areas and national parks and tips to be a more responsible visitor. We aim to work towards the United Nation's sustainable development goal Number 14, "Life Below Water". Take a look below to learn more about the challenge islands face and some solutions. We want to be part of the solution. That's why we are dedicated to raising awareness among visitors and local community members so that we can all work together to preserve the island's important natural resources. These may seem like overwhelming global issues but each individual can make a difference by doing their part. More tips and background information will be provided during each tour. 

Some helpful tips for your trip to Roatan:

  • Wear reef safe/mineral sunscreen when diving, snorkeling, swimming

  • Wear natural bug repellent (sold here on the island) when in contact with the ocean 

  • Do not purchase marine life souvenirs such as conch shells 

  • Do not touch or step on the coral reef

  • Do not harass marine species (getting too close for the best shot)

  • Avoid single-use plastic 

  • Do not litter

  • Bring reusable water bottle 

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Lead Tour Guide

My name is Jorge Ivan Avila. This is my independent tour guide business in Roatan, Honduras. I have over 15 years experience in the tourism industry in Honduras working as a tour guide. Before opening my own business in Roatan, I worked as a tour guide in Copan Ruins, Honduras and throughout the mainland. I discovered a passion for sharing the unique biodiversity of my homeland with others. 

I am very knowledgeable about the local flor and fauna of Roatan as well as the island's cultural history. My tours are unique as I incorporate these elements in each one of the tours offered. I take pride in individualizing each tour to meet the requests of my client. From sunset catamaran tours to snorkel with whale sharks, the possibilities are endless. 

Please contact me to inquire more about the tours I offer. I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have! 


Contact Me:

+504 9761 9859

+ (303) 550 8978

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