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Roatan Birdwatching Club

Passionate about Roatan's wildlife and sharing knowledge to learn more about Roatan's resident and migratory birds, our guide helped start the first Birdwatching Club for the Bay Island Department. They have weekly birding meet-ups to scout and report new species. Together they have discovered about 5 new species and reported over 130 resident and migratory birds throughout the Bay Islands. Cool fact - on Roatan we have 2 species that can't be found in any other part of Honduras. The club travels to Port Royal and other remote parts of the island to scope out new birding spots. 



If you are interested in learning more check out their Facebook page @Club de Observacion de Aves Auropalliata. If you are living in Roatan and interested in joining please message us on Facebook. If you would like to sponsor our club please contact us directly at Special thanks to Amanda Alford and the Klamath Bird Observatory for donating binoculars to our club! 


Birdwatching Tours

We offer half day, full day and combination tours (sea kayak/birding) We can customize the tour depending on what you are looking for, just ask us! If you have a favorite bird, or a specific species you are looking for please let us know and we will do our best to find it! 

Port Royal National Park Hikes & Birdwatching $120 pp

Full day hiking trails of Port Royal National Park with birdwatching expert & guide. Common wildlife you will see are black-spined iguana and resident and migratory shore and pelagic birds. Option to do snorkel tour as well and discover over 350 species of Caribbean fish.

Blue Harbor Arboretum Birding & Hikes $75 pp

Private reserve with guide over 160 acres of pristine tropical nature including agricultural fields, local plant nursery, orchards, conservatory, ponds, and hydroponic farm. This reserve attracts a lot of birds as it has fresh water sources. 

Jonesville Boat Tour/Snorkeling/Mangroves $80 pp

Full day boat tour through mangrove tunnels of Jonesville with tour guide. Snorkel in crystal clear blue water and discover vast biodiversity of mangroves and their importance to Roatan’s ecosystem.


Pigeon Cay $100 pp for groups of 10 min

Enjoy the panoramic views of the East Side including Saint Helene, Port Royal and Pigeon Caye by boat and take stops along the way for birdwatching. Snorkel around private island. 

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