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Explore the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, the Meso American Reef! 

The Bay Islands National Marine Park is a gem of the Caribbean. It's a protected area rich in biodiversity managed by 14 co-authorities. The coral reefs of the Bay Islands National Park is an important source of income for Bay Islands' inhabitants as this area depends on tourism and fishing. Therefore, as islanders we consider it very important to inform our guests about the importance of being a responsible visitor. This includes not touching or stepping the coral reef as it is a live organism it will die as a result. Our principal objective is to implement sustainable and safe practices for the benefit of both locals and visitors.  We want future generations to enjoy the beauty of the reef. On our tours we ask that the visitors wear reef friendly sunscreen and insect repellent. Do not feed fish and avoid using single use plastic as fish often confuse this with food. Do not harass animals underwater by getting too close and never buy souvenirs extracted from the sea. Explore some of the healthiest reef systems in the Meso American reef found here in Roatan guided by a local PADI scuba dive master. Roatan is known for it's amazing diving so you don't want to miss out! It's the best way to spend a day relaxing in the tropical waters of the central Caribbean. 

Guided snorkel tours

$50 pp

We offer snorkeling tours for small to large groups with little to no experience. We will take you to place with calm, shallow water to learn the basics. If you are more experienced we can take you to more challenging places. We will provide snorkel set, if you don't bring yours. If you have an idea of where you want to snorkel we can take you there or offer suggestions for to snorkel in secret places only our guide has access to! 

Blue Snorkel
Subaquatic Life

Scuba Diving with PADI guide

$50 pp/tank

Local PADI certified dive master will take you on guided dives to explore pretty much any dive site in Roatan. We offer exclusive dives in the South side of Roatan, near Cordelia Banks. This area is a highly protected marine reserve that is well-known to have the healthiest coral reef per square foot in the Bay Islands. 


Take a sneak peak to see what it's like swimming with whale sharks in Roatan with tour guide Jorge! 

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