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Join us for a sea kayak


Off the beaten path sea kayak adventures. Experience Roatan’s natural beauty from the coastline. Discover a whole new ecosystem of species within the mangrove forests that protect Roatan’s coast. We are committed to building environmental and cultural awareness and respect through sharing knowledge with our clients about Roatan’s biodiversity and culture heritage. Discover some of the over 200 species of birds that live and migrate to Roatan, and over 300+ marine species. Our sea kayak expeditions are offered as half-day, full-day or even multi-day camping trips to explore the remote and pristine beauty of Port Royal National Park and Santa Elena.

No prior experience needed! Full day/multi-day tours are at a moderate/high fitness level

10 people max, 2 local guides. Contact us to inquire about what's included and for special requests

Half day - Sunset Tour from Palmetto Bay to Sandy Bay $75 pp, discounts for large groups


Full day – Port Royal Mangrove Tunnel Expedition $150 pp, discounts for large groups 


Multi-day – Kayak trip to St. Helene & explore Morat Island/ two days, one night $250 pp, discounts for large groups

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